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Our Team At Zip Racing

"With 30 years + of experiece in every product at Zip," we  pride ourselves on all having been riders and involved in the Quad world since its introduction to the UK in 1987, both partners Eric and Stuart have a terrific history working with some of the worlds fastest riders and best ATV teams in the world , with championship winning teams, bikes & riders to our credit.
We are still very active in the UK Quad scene  with both Harry and Alfie  riding at international levels and we have terrific links around the world, with major suppliers. Our riders experiences are mirrored by the quality products and services we can offer ..more than any other  seat company in the world !




zip worn front and backwhite.png

We're more than just    seat covers......

Zip, predominately associated for the worlds most unique

'Seat Covers' 

developed for the Racing and leisure markets.


Having been around the industry for over 30 years we have a

wealth of other racing experiences and have an array of other racing products and services available to assist you achieve your goals

"Our Experiences are gained           not brought"

Stuart Walker


Eric Giddings

'The viking'



Harry Walker


Trim Logo Nikki[Converted].png

This is what Eric and Stuart

as 'partners' are really about if you need any inspiration the website is worth a look.  

See why making the worlds most versatile covers is easy for us !!

Zip Technical  hold stocks of T-Pin spares

inc cnc bronze bushes ,heim joints and spindle

bearings which thrust bearings 

We have been associated with this world renound product since designed and Built by
'Mark Laeger'
himself back in the late 80's close association with
Wayne @ PEP.
Understanding the geometry and set up for this Champions Choice !


Duncan Racing ...
We first met Loren Duncan in 1987 at the
'schevenegan Beach Race',
a proven pedigree with quality and reliability associated to it ...
We  have experience in, and can offer their products and services to complement
all of the above.


For North American Zip orders please contact

Duncan Racing International

Click on the link below


PAR Homes Ltd

an established family owned business specialising in the development of high quality housing.

With well over 10 years experience

Sale and Rent

 One of the most respected developers

in mid Wales.

PAR Homes Logo.png
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