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YAMAHA YFZ450R Yamaha 2009 -2015

Bottom Suspension Link Mount Failure/Repair.


If you have been unfortunate enough to experience the failure exhibited here on the Rear bottom Link Mount on Yamaha YFZ450R,  'ZIP-TECHNICAL' now have the cure!


'ZIP' have researched & sent sample Materials to a Metallurgist Test Centre to establish original Aluminium content, subsequently sourced & CNC Manufactured 'Billet Ears' from Aviation Grade Weldable Aluminium to the base Material using the correct consumable, double secure with 2 x Captivated Screws Per Ear.


Technically 3 times the tensile strength than the original casting Material

100% accurate @ 1/3 of the price of a new frame!!!!


Stronger, Better, Cheaper & less labour to remove offending piece 


£380 + P&P   (1 week turnaround) required under normal circumstances.


If you are interested please call the team on 0118 9731700 or if you prefer email

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