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Zip Covers Fitting Instructions 

Every effort has been made to pattern your zip cover to fit your model of bike.

Using a new or good quality seat foam!

By the time you want to replace your cover, the foam may have already begun to deteriorate.

The following instructions may help you fit this cover to the best of your ability.


If you are unsure of the quality of your foam consider our scrim /glue combo @£10


1. Remove old seat cover (remove staples from base using a sharp knife & long nosed pliers)


2. Check foam for decomposing and damage (where possible re-glue if not, fit a similar density foam and glue in the damaged area or replaced OEM foam with a zip foam for best results).


3. Lay new cover over seat foam & base, brush or spray glue around all edges where it will fold around the base, also glue approx 30mm all around the base where the mateial will overlap and be glued in place!


4. Let glue dry on both parts  (contact adhesive) Have heat gun ready and begin to fit cover from either the back/front working towards the two side's dependant upon style or cover.


5. Pull the cover tight to the key areas i.e  front,back and two sides areas.  Good quality contact adhesive will allow you to move this slightly as you fit the cover to get the best fit.


6. Use the heat gun gently to make the cover supple and malleable to get around sharp corners and remove wrinkles.


7. Fold around edges thoroughly and staple to the seat base.


8. Trim any excess vinyl not required.



Should you experience any difficulties we have a fitting service at our head office should you require it

(All Covers made at this address)


Tools Required - Staple Gun, Contact Glue (spray glue or Dunlop 1358), Heat Gun/Hair Dryer, long nose pliers, sharp knife.


Please feel free to call us on 0118 932 4200  and we will put you through to one of our specialist trimmers.















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