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Well !

Round 3 for Nora-MX  was looking to be a weather spoilt UK summer meeting !

Fortunately, this ‘double pointer’ meeting did run, with a mix of results but The PAR= Walker Brothers brought home the silverware( Gold-ware ) in a ‘one-one’ format for the first time this season…..

Alfie, took a 1-1-2 format to win the day and Harry with a 2-1-10 to sneak the win by 2 points…

And Alfie was the only Clubman to break the 2 minute barrier with fastest laps @ 1.59 in the first two moto’s  

Harry currently has a comfortable 53 point lead in the UK's largest and only domestic ‘Pro series’ for 2020

Alfie has Narrowed the margin in a comfortable runner up spot after his first round first race DNF to a 2 solitary points now in the Acu's official 2020 Clubman

‘British Championship’ so hopefully this is within his grasp at the net meeting which is a 2 day 6 race format

(He also currently leads the Elite championship by some 7 points)

The Boys are now focussing on the UK's largest Team event ‘Great-8’ an 8 hour endurance which will be held over the same weekend as The prestigious yet cancelled 'Pont de Vaux' 12 hr race in france !

They have Chosen to Team up Together under the Par Homes –Walker Brothers Banner and will be looking for victory again as both have won it as youth teams independently, and Harry as an adult too with Bailey Edwards, it would be nice to win it together which would be yet another first as two Brothers

Alfie is quickly proving his strength and commitment ! and our UK Bank holiday is looking to be action-packed with other classes to entertain us, even an Evo appearance from Myself on one of our famous banshees, an event which I won about 4 years ago !

Yours on all 4's


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