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Waterlooville club has not run a meeting since 2005 ! ….

New blood, (with a sidecar passion) invited quads back to cusses Gorse to make up a group (Albiet small) for their opening Event complementing two sidecar and solo groups.

The PAR Homes - Walker Brothers were about to embark on their first ever adult race competing against each other ! Needless to say the Youngster

Wanted to prove to his ‘Big Brother’ he could take the it too him !!

Well the Holeshot and nearly a lap proved his confidence but sheer strength and experience proved just too much for the youngster

Through the rhythm section in front of all the spectators with a cheeky look back over the next jump from Harry to say ‘ Who…’ ??

Race 2 saw the tables turned with Harry taking the holeshot extending a commanding lead with a display of strength and style for the crowds to enjoy

Race 3 saw Alfie with the Holeshot and Harry cruise to the first turn to see if he could Make it to the front in 18 mins ….

You guessed it, Alfie led for 3 laps popping sub 2 min lap times but lap 4 saw a mid  air pass by ‘Big Brother’ to cement a 53 second lead in 9 laps

Ultimately a great day out with the two boys filling both top steps on the podium, and a pleasure to support the NEW Waterlooville Club

Despite Covid 19 we are still managing to enjoy some sport Nationally, and Wish you all a safe, yet Prosperous period ahead in these uncertain times

Thankyou all for the interest and support, Be Safe Everyone !

We now prepare for the Gt 8 endurance next Weekend, where they will both Be Battling for the same side ‘Par Homes’- Zip Racing Team

Can they bring home the Bacon Working together ?? ………

To Be Continued ……


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