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YAMAHA YFZ450R & YFZ450 Seat Post Mechanism

YAMAHA YFZ450R & YFZ450 Seat Post Mechanism


YAMAHA YFZ450R & YFZ450 Seat Post Mechanism

All You need is a Hacksaw, File, 8mm Drill, 10mm Spanner & 6mm Allen Key.

ZIP's Kit comprises of 2 x CNC Machined Aircraft Grade Billet Posts 2 x Profiled Base Washers (fitted inside the plastic base) 2x Star Lock Washers 2 x 8mm Socket Cap Screws 2 x 'R' Clips /Bowden Cable. 


Our Unique Kit comes complete with Tethered 'R' Clip via a correct length Bowden Cable to eliminate Clip loss upon Seat removal & a  10mm Hex on the head of the locating Posts to enable correct torque settings of M8 Socket Screw. 

Please note .. Cover & Foam removal is essential for correct fitment of this product therefore .... If purchased during a ZIP Seat Installation we will fit these for free all you pay is the price of the Accessory Competitively priced

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    Have you ever spent fortunes on having a new Seat Cover fitted only to loose the seat in the next race, also losing a few places ending up with a sore backside & even thinner wallet to sit on for the next week ? The Seat Posts wear (see Pic) & the catch also gets weak !

    We at Zip now have a solution.... 

    Over the past year we have developed and tested a new 'Pin' and 'R' Clip Mechanism which will work on all modern Yamaha's, It’s an easy fit to cure all of the above problems !

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