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YAMAHA YFZ450R Anti-Flex Drag Link Bush

YAMAHA YFZ450R Anti-Flex Drag Link Bush


ZIP's Yamaha YFZ450R Anti-Flex Drag Link Bush 

Zip Produce this CNC Machined Alloy Bronze 28mm Wide Bush with spiral grease scroll.

Simply remove one needle bearing, press to the centre point, drill and tap 6mm and add Grease Nipple (Supplied) to hold centrally.

​Replace OEM Needle Roller and add grease to Linkage.

  • Details

    Preventative Maintainance for the Yamaha YFZ450R. When used under extreme conditions.

    Testing & Experience has proven the Inner Collar will flex, bend or crack.

    The possible re-procussions being

    'Link Mount Failure' 

    This modification significantly reduces the possibility of such failure, in fact none have failed in the uk with this mod fitted.

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