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YAMAHA YFZ450R Footpeg Chassis Repair Kit

YAMAHA YFZ450R Footpeg Chassis Repair Kit


ZIP's Kit Consists of - 

1 x Right/Hand & Left Hand Weldable Billet Steels

4 x 12.9 12mm x 1.25 Footpeg Bolts (Bolts not Screws)

2 x 12.9 10mm x 1.25 Chassis Bolts (Full Head)

Assortment of Washers to allow correct fitment of footpeg mounts Right/Hand Billet includes Rear Brake Spring Mount 

Shot Blasted ready for painting.

ZIP will undertake the Repair on your behalf if Nerf Bars, Footpeg Mounts & Belly Pan are all removed prior to receipt for a fee of £150 (inc. painting).  Thread Inserts or removals will be additional costs, cleaning too !

  • Details

    ZIP Footpeg Chassis Repair Kit - If you have not experienced this problem yet it is only a matter of time !  See the Waste Bin of ones we have the Rear Bolt has 3mm of steel between it & the Chassis fitting from oem....

    ZIP's bottom Chassis V2 Repair Kit can be fitted with the engine in situ & without taking the rear or base frame sections apart saving many hours of labour.

    Always repair one side at a time to eliminate any mounting tolerance issues.

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