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YAMAHA YFZ450R 'High Tensile' Foot-Peg Bolt Kit

YAMAHA YFZ450R 'High Tensile' Foot-Peg Bolt Kit


Zip Racings Kit comes with plain shank 12mm FINE 12-9 high tensile bolts.  Washer assortment to allow correct fitting of footpeg plate thicknesses.  Modified 10mm fine '12.9' chassis socket screw bolts  


This kit is much stronger than OEM  and when using a 450R with Nerf Bars is an essential Insurance requirement.


  • Details

    Do not wait until it is too late and the OEM has moved &

    'Bruised the cheeks of the Chassis' 

    When movement occurs the outside face of the aluminium rear chassis cradle gets damaged and also the OEM Mounts do break see separate listing for 'Footpeg Chassis Mount Repair Kit '

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